Cost of being Torah teacher

Me: question: someone who hosts minyan, 3 daily prayers, and ppl consult with him on Torah questions. That’d be a talmid Chacham, correct?

Haredi Friend: I think he could be a Talmid Chachum if he learns all day but as far as answering for a question I think he should be a Rav. That’s why a lot of people want to be Talmid Chachaims instead of Ravs. Rabbis have to sacrifice their learning for the community. Talmid Chachanim just learn

Me: he runs a kosher bakery on top of that.
Don’t know how he does it…

Haredi Friend: who?

Me: Ezra, the owner, he is Haredi Ashkenazi.

Wendy’s Kosher Bakery
+52 55 5280 2963

Haredi Friend: BH!
also Rabbi [Yisroel] Reisman the posek owns a bakery as well.

Me: ppl in this community are so modest, you can’t readily figure out who is what…

I thought I was shopping from a somewhat knowledgeable Haredi owner at first.

Then, another day, i observed he is hosting prayers. I see the prayer books and the gemara in the store.

Haredi Friend: it’s very hard to be a Talmid Chachum unless you’re well off. At least in America anyways. Rabbis are not rich so yes the majority of them have to work. My Rav works like five jobs.

Me: i know a talmid Chacham, he is nearly homeless.

Haredi Friend: many

Published by NaNach Noahide

As Noahide, I am immensely grateful for my network of Haredi Scholars. "Make Torah study your permanent priority" - R. Chayim Vital

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